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Once Beyond A Time

RRP $39.99

2015 Christy Award Winner - "Tatlock's lovely prose reminds readers why it is a joy to savor her stories." Publishers Weekly
A troubled family, whose pastor father resigned in disgrace from a church in suburban Philadelphia, moves to an old house in Black Mountain, North Carolina. They soon discover that their new home, nearly hidden from view on the side of a mountain, is no ordinary place. The family can see and speak with people who appear and disappear seemingly at will. Some of the visitors seem to have lived there in the past. More mysteriously, some will live there in the future. Then, soon after their move into the old house, their eight-year-old son vanishes without a trace! Has he been kidnapped, or has he wandered off into the dark forest? How does the house beyond time provide the answers, some of them shocking?
Brilliant! That's the writing of Ann Tatlock. Can I be like her when I grow up? Somewhere in time, I could be . . . -Diane Huff Pitts, reader review
Foreign editions in the following languages: German (2016) "

A Time For Adventure

RRP $18.99

GOT DEJA VU?: A TIME TRAVEL MUST READ An unexpected blow from an errant golf ball sends Gerry MacNeil back in time to the 1920's. After a chance meeting and falling in love with Eloise Ponsonby, Gerry is thrust into a world of adventure and a race against time. Under instructions from Al Capone, Eloise is kidnapped by her father's business partner David Steinberg. Now both Gerry and her father Georgie follow a trail of double crossing gun-runners, gangsters and Nazi collaborators from England, Germany and the USA in their attempts to rescue Eloise. And that's just the start of their adventures. With the help of Peter Dann, one of MI6's finest agents, Al Capone's most feared adversary and a time traveller himself, Gerry not only discover the truth about time travel but must also thwart a plot to assassinate an important future political leader or see the world fall under the Nazi's rule. Review "A time travel must read!" About the Author Mel RJ Smith books have been described as having wonderful characters that come to life on the page. There is no exception for this, the first of Gerry MacNeil's time travel adventures.

Recovery In Real Time

RRP $27.50

Survivors of trauma are gaining increasing coverage in the media. Because of pop culture cautionary tales like the Duggar Family, coupled with a call to action from celebrity icons like Lady Gaga, millennials are moving away from the standardized textbooks for trauma recovery. Survivors crave social media support and are inspired by self-help-driven tweets. #RECOVERY IN REAL TIME: A Trauma Survivor's Anti-Workbook, provides a modernized guidebook for trauma survivors and their loved ones in 125 hashtags.

#RECOVERY IN REAL TIME is a concise and user-guided walk through the trauma survivor's recovery experience. With survivor-focused hashtags like #DenialIsContagious, #ReasonCanFail, #LyingIsSurvival, #TherapyIsTerrifying, #WeAreNotNormal, and #MediaDistortsTrauma. Gail's anti-workbook provides survivors and their loved ones with relevant and poignant highlights of the cycle of recovery which includes major stages such as Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

#RECOVERY IN REAL TIME is a non-fiction self-help book with an anti-workbook length and approach that appeals directly to people who desperately need a real time version of Ellen Bass'/Laura Davis' The Courage to Heal. This condensed guide meets survivors' need for digestible yet realistic snapshots of the recovery process.

Sally Snip Snap's Party: Level 1

RRP $11.99

Developed by New Zealand reading specialist and author, Pam Holden, this exciting reading program offers an extensive range of illustrated fiction and photographic non-fiction titles at graded levels. Red Rocket Readers offer a carefully controlled sequence of challenges throughout the levels to ensure students progress with confidence and enthusiasm.

Time Tells Tales - Alfred's Tale

RRP $13.99

Time Tells Tales A Novel in Five Tales Set in Ireland and England in the early 1900's, covering a century, Time Tells Tales is a Novel in five parts or 'Tales'. They explore the history of three families; their interconnected lives are intricately woven together by love, birth, death, and marriage. These lives are spiced up by religion, revenge, scandal, abuse, heartache and spiritual intervention. The five Tales are told from different perspectives by the characters that drive this novel along to the surprising conclusion, spreading across time, space and dimensions, hence the title - Time Tells Tales. Alfred's Tale Dead in a Ditch Alfred of indeterminable age is lying at the bottom of an icy cold deep muddy ditch, where he is hidden by brambles and branches. He has been knocked into this desperate place by a hit and run driver on a lonely, unlit lane on the Staffordshire moorlands. He was drunk as a skunk and it was pitch black. He didn't blame the driver for not stopping, why would they? He was one of life's destitute wanderer's, better for all if he was not found. He was sure that broken bones aside, this was going to be his last resting place. As this realisation hits home Alfred begins to review, play out the high and lows of his mostly misspent life, whilst his body succumbs to hypothermia, and finally death. What will he reveal? Will he be found? These and many more questions will be answered in this first novel by this new author, Stephanie Fletcher. For sure, Time certainly has some Tales to Tell.


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