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Abusive Head Trauma In Infants And Children : A Medical, Legal, And Forensic Reference

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Abusive Head Trauma in Infants and Children: A Medical, Legal, and Forensic Reference addresses all aspects of abusive head trauma cases in one complete reference for clinicians, investigators, prosecutors, and social workers. The text details the application of medical science to the investigation and prosecution of abusive cases, as well as issues of long-term outcomes, developmental and educational needs, and strategies for community-based education and prevention. More than 600 clinical photographs illustrate abusive head injuries with case studies and multidisciplinary analysis, including discussions of shaken baby syndrome, shaken impact syndrome, differential diagnosis, mimics of abusive head trauma, forensic analysis, autopsies, prosecutorial issues, long-term care of survivors, and the roles of social services and law enforcement. The textual and photographic information contained in this volume details the following: Forms of abusive head trauma, including shaking injuries; Mechanisms involved in abusive head injuries; Steps used to discover abusive head injuries in the absence of external signs of trauma; Procedures for diagnosing commonly associated injuries; Procedures for investigating abusive head injury cases; Ways to present evidence in court by use of graphic aids and modern technology; Detailed case studies with photographic and radiographic illustrations; A hypothetical case of abusive head trauma, demonstrating the complete process of reporting a case, diagnosing injuries, investigating allegations, and implementing social services. This single-volume edition combines the best clinical writing with high-quality photographic content found in color atlases; it is a wealth of knowledge bound in one concise edition.

A Hand Book For Infantry

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Intended To Explain In A Familiar And Practical Manner, For The Use Of The Military Force Of The United States, The Modern Improvements In The Discipline And Movement Of Armies.

Investigating Infant Deaths

RRP $239.99

It stands to reason that the most difficult cases to investigate are those in which the individuala (TM)s death was sudden, unexpected, and unexplained. Very few deaths occur where the deceased has no significant medical history, no trauma, no significant autopsy findings, and very little social history in which to investigate. Infant deaths almost always fit this category, making them consistently the most complicated and challenging deaths to investigate.

Investigating Infant Deaths draws on the expertise of a forensic nurse and member of the CDC core team for the Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Investigation Reporting Form to provide medicolegal death investigators and law enforcement personnel with investigative techniques applicable to sudden unexpected infant deaths. Beginning with a general state-of-the-field, the author defines the role of the investigator and explains the benefits of a oedouble-teaminga an investigation. The book emphasizes the importance of timing and gives crucial tips for examining the incident scene and performing an initial post-mortem external exam. Specific instruction regarding the a oearta of interviewing the grieving parents and how to follow up with families gives investigators an important edge when autopsy findings are slim. Additional chapters cover how to use a doll re-enactment and how to review medical records, social service records, and criminal histories. It also illustrates how to set up task forces including State Child Fatality Teams and an Investigative Child Death Review at the local level. ACase studies are used throughout the book to give investigators real-life examples of the techniques at work.

Presenting a workable approach that may facilitate a re-evaluation of current protocols, Investigating Infant Deaths provides the tools for continued improvement that will ensure all infant deaths are investigated thoroughly and thereby help prevent future premature infant deaths from occurring.


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